Saturday, August 4, 2012


The fab Lori Anderson is hosting a great giveaway (with a small challenge thrown in).  I'm gonna give it a try, and I hope you will too.

In other news... The Picture that Never Was.  I went out the other day to try to take photos of my beautiful Bead Soup offerings and some great new pendants that I received.  I had it all planned.  I have a nice weathered board that I snagged from an old planter box and I set it up at the perfect angle to take the perfect shot.  I put the pendents down to wait while I shot my Soup, and BAMM!!!  I had set my board on a saw horse that has been sitting up by the house FOREVER, and I didn't realize that a colony of wasps had built a nest right at the top of the A-frame. I got stung at the base of my ring finger. OUCH! DAMNNNNN!!! (and a lot of ***&&&!!!).  I'm allergic to all type of insect stings so I always freak when it happens.  Into the house I ran.  I took a shot of Benadryl and went looking for the baking soda.  Of course, we're out.  I had to send my handy helper down the block to my brother's house to see if my sister-in-law had any.  I made a paste with the baking soda and plastered it on the huge welt that was developing and then I crashed into a Benadryl induced coma for a couple of hours.  But, not be for I exacted burning hot revenge, by going outside and spraying the snot out of those wasps. HA!! Mess with me, will ya!!!

And that is why there is no picture of my Soup.  That, and it's not time for the reveal, yet.  I'm gonna give it another try this evening.  However, because everyone like to see pictures on blogs, here ya go...

Happy Creating....


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  1. Glad you got the wasp back.Toothpaste if you are really stuck or vicks vapour rub.Love and Hugs Tanya