Monday, October 29, 2012


So, quite a while ago there was this idea for the makers of handmade products to make some thing with their own two hands and pay it forward to folks who also appreciate handmade objects.  In this case the products were handmade jewelry items.  I wanted to join in, but every time I saw the notice on someones blog, I was too late.  Then, I heard about someone who was waiting for people to comment on her invitation to join in this gathering of like-minded folks.  I commented, and became an official member of the Pay It Forward: Handmade clan.

Cassi, from Beads: Rolling Downhill, was good enough to allow me to play along, and I knew that at some point in the next 365 days, I would receive a surprise in the mail.  A few days ago I did go to my mailbox and found said surprise waiting for me.  How fun to receive something special out of the blue.  Cassi sent me two pair of lovely earrings that are so up my alley.  Please forgive the pictures, I just couldn't get the colors to come out right.

The bottom pair have the word Laugh stamped on them and are made of polymer clay, as are the little yellow hearts.  The top pair are Czech glass flowers in a beautiful red.  I love both pair. 

This was so much fun.  One of the things that I promised to do is to Pay It forward, myself.  I have yet to do my post asking for comments, because everyone seemed to already be on the bandwagon, so I figured I would give it a little time to calm down and then make the offer and see it I could get any takers.

Here is the jist of how this works:  For the first three commenter's that leave their email address, I will promise to make something handmade and mail it to you at some point in the next 365 days.  It will be totally random and a nice gift from me to you.  I will get your regular mailing address and ask a few questions to be used as guidelines.  You, as the recipient, will create a blog post inviting three people to play along, in essence Paying it forward.  How about it, any takers????

Cassi, thank you so much for the beautiful gift.  I will enjoy these earrings, and every time someone asks where I got them, I can say they are a handmade surprise gift from a nice person that I have never met.  But, she is someone with a kind and generous heart.


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