Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So it has been waaaay to long since I was on here sharing whats been going on.  Mostly the new job has been going on.  I had one and a half weeks with my trainer and then she left on medical leave for several weeks....talk about trial by fire.  But I did come out the other side, better for it as is always the case when these things happen.

Then there is the usual winter blahs that have been my bane for several years now.  I always struggle with this, but stress always makes it so much harder.  I tried those light boxes one time, man, talk about manic.  I have found that the best thing for me to do is take my meds and work on keeping myself busy.  So, I have gotten back to making my jewelry and I will work harder at being better blog parent.

To that end...I know that I owe a post about Lorelei's 12 Days of Christmas.  I did create something and send them out to everyone, I just owe the post about what I received in return.  I have one more photo to take, and I've been playing with Picmonkey to create a collage, and then I'll get that up.

The other thing that is going on is Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party.  I've signed up for that again.  I has so much fun the last time that I played, I knew I had to sign up again.  I've been waiting for the sign ups for months now (along with everyone else, I'm sure!).  So, Lori, when you are checking out blogs, please forgive me for not posting recently and please, please, please let me participate in the party.  I promise to get back to posting at least twice a month, if not more.

That's it for now.  I feel good enough to begin again, making jewelry and blogging.  And because I need to try and have more humor in my life right now .....

Happy Creating....

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